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Cultivating opportunities, building networks, and incubating talent in Denver, Colorado.

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Collaborate with Creatives


As a collaborative effort with partners across metro Denver, the Gallery @ Green Spaces is creating an open space for artists + exhibitions. If you have a creative project to share with the world, Green Spaces is for you - here we are cultivating local artists, showcasing their art, and leading the vision for sustainable growth in our creative community.

Work Shops

Coming soon!

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Artist Resources

Located in the heart of Denver's Art District, we feature art from over 20 of the city's most sought-after artists and provide resources for artists to thrive.

Cyclorama Wall

Whether you are a professional photographer dreaming of for a spot for your next studio shoot, a budding entrepreneur in need of a fresh headshot, or a product marketer seeking a quick spot to share your most recent development, this is your spot for photography & videography. Rent this space for $100/hour: our cyclorama wall is coming soon.

Innovation Lab

Learn and innovate with the top-tier equipment in our Innovation Lab! Green Spaces offers guidance + direction with our team and outside experts for DTG Maching, a 3D printer, an embroidery machine, and a fully stocked art supply store.

Fashion Studio

Need a space where you can create for the human form? We are creating a workshop room suited for professionals, including a sewing machine, large cutting table, and industry-specific workshops on sourcing and shaping sustainable materials for friendly-fashion.

Artisan Corner

As we create a place where local artisans can market creative offerings, Green Spaces is planning for 8 available spots where people of all trades can showcase products. Growing artists in a space with existing market value is rooted in our vision to sustain a cycle that amplifies artists voices + retains local talent.

Looking for an Event Venue?

Green Spaces is a multipurpose space/event hall, located in the Five Points neighborhood. Our open floor, high ceilings, and incredible lighting allow for control in customizing the design of your event.

Network, collaborate, and grow

Join a community where sustainability and culture meet technology and business to shape one of the most diverse and dynamic urban hubs in the country. We want to be a part of your story!
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