Reimagining Sustainability

Sustainability goes far beyond maintaining Earth's resources. Our mixed-use, collaborative workspace model, places the creation of community ecosystems and the retention of local talent at the forefront of our essence. We know that these pillars are the core of any progressive city, and by providing people the resources and space they need to feel inspired, we will collectively grow Denver's overall economy.

A desk setup at Green Spaces
A desk setup at Green Spaces
Let's build together!

Our Mission

Our mission begins by rooting ourselves in Community, Culture & Sustainability. We provide access to resources through the integration & collaboration of creatives, innovators and small businesses.

Our Guiding Values

Combating Displacement

Denver is at a transitional point. We’re all feeling the shift of culture with new developments in Downtown Denver & surrounding areas. Through accessibility initiatives, Green Spaces is providing needed support for local artists & small businesses that are actively being displaced.

Sustainability First

Green Spaces provides equitable opportunities for our community, cultivating local talent and businesses. Our network engages with an innovative business model that circulates capital & resources in the community, sustaining their creative endeavors.


Our mixed-use space is removing systematic barriers to entry for all. Located in an evolving district, we offer a fresh take on what commerce ‘can be’, giving small businesses, non-profits, and local artists access to various spaces & resources.

Services & Programs

...for Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Non-Profits.

Artist Gallery

As a collaborative effort with partners across metro Denver, the Gallery @ Green Spaces is creating an open space for artists + exhibitions. If you have a creative project to share with the world, Green Spaces is for you - here we are cultivating local artists, showcasing their art, and leading the vision for sustainable growth in our creative community. Come check it out.

Event Venue

Green Spaces is a multipurpose space/event hall, located in the Five Points neighborhood. Our open floor, high ceilings, and incredible lighting allow for control in customizing the design of your event.

Pop Up Space

As we create a place where local artisans can market creative offerings, Green Spaces is planning for 8 available spots where people of all trades can showcase products. Growing artists in a space with existing market value is rooted in our vision to sustain a cycle that amplifies artists voices + retains local talent.

Cyclorama (Photo) Wall

Whether you are a professional photographer dreaming of for a spot for your next studio shoot, a budding entrepreneur in need of a fresh headshot, or a product marketer seeking a quick spot to share your most recent development, this is your spot for photography & videography. Rent this space for $60/hour.


Working with a variety of thought leaders and community organizations, Green Spaces provides opportunities to learn and grow your profession.

Unlimited possibilities

Explore endless customization options and expand your vision with the help of our modular environment. If you have something special you want to bring to life, reach out and let's make it happen! Our space is intended to push the envelope of what is possible.

Meet the Team

A collective group of passionate hustlers - get to know the dynamic team driving Green Spaces success!

Our Community Partners

It takes a village! Our community partners are dedicated to help turn our vision of a better Denver into a reality.

Artist and Vendor Application

Calling all local artists and vendors! Are you ready to showcase your talent and products in our vibrant coworking community? We're on the lookout for creative entrepreneurs and unique offerings to enhance our space and provide exciting opportunities for our members.

Partnership Opportunities

Hey, movers and shakers! Let's team up and create some serious magic!
Think of us as your creative playground, where anything is possible and the vibe is always buzzing. Reach out to us today to start the conversation. Let's build a brighter future together.