Our Mission

Our mission begins by rooting ourselves in Community, Culture & Sustainability. We provide access to resources through the integration & collaboration of creatives, innovators and small businesses.

Our Values

Combating Displacement

Denver is at a transitional point. We’re all feeling the shift of culture with new developments in Downtown Denver & surrounding areas. Through accessibility initiatives, Green Spaces is providing needed support for local artists & small businesses that are actively being displaced.


Green Spaces provides equitable opportunities for our community, cultivating local talent and businesses. Our network engages with an innovative business model that circulates capital & resources in the community, sustaining their creative endeavors.


Our mixed-use space is removing systematic barriers to entry for all. Located in an evolving district, we offer a fresh take on what commerce ‘can be’, giving small businesses, non-profits, and local artists access to various spaces & resources.

Access to Education

Dream, Discover, and Flourish

A place where you are the architect of your own unique & impactful journey.

Our community can access shared tools and resources that include workshops, community-building opportunities, and other tangible resources. Improving access to education in our neighborhood is our way of empowering underserved and overlooked groups.

Connecting People + Environment

Creating a Sustainable Future

At Green Spaces, we are generating social contracts that ensure that local businesses are extensions of our community. We lead by example as a LEED-certified facility, with 100% solar energy, recycling & composting services, and evolving green initiatives.

Our most important role is creating space for the connections that make change happen - we’re connecting people to environment, small businesses to large sustainability-minded corporations, and government resources to local community needs.

Community Partners

Services & Programs

Green Spaces is a co-working collective that uplifts communities by providing resources and affordable space for artists, businesses, and solopreneurs to innovate, advocate, and work together.


This is where you find your people, place, & peace! Our sustainability-driven co-working space has something for both the times you need collaborative conversation, or a quiet corner.

Green Spaces Marketplace

Rooted in sustainability, our Marketplace is a staple destination in Denver that provides a unique experience intersecting culture and community.

Artist Resources

Through partnerships with outside entities, we are helping overlooked artists discover their own power and voice - sowing the seeds for a cycle of growing artists that can then grow other artists.

Community Iniatives

With a strategic vision rooted in community, Green Spaces serves as a conduit & collective for non-profits, businesses, remote workers, and solopreneurs.

Meet Our Team

Jevon Taylor

Jevon Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

A Denver native, Jevon's main passions lie in diversifying his impact within the community. By providing a platform to amplify the voices of local creators, spearheading various environmental, educational programs, working within school districts, and serving on RiNo'sBusiness Improvement District Board, Jevon's goal is to inspire continuous growth & positive change across the city for future generations.

Justine Konyn

Justine Konyn

Director of Operations

With each community member in mind, Justine hopes to bring her passion for helping others into the day-to-day operations of Green Spaces. Justine does a little bit of everything ranging from building company strategies to improving policies and procedures. The energy she brings allows our space to continually cultivate a thriving community.

Dalton Bidula

Dalton Bidula

Retail Director

A Colorado native, who loves his city and is passionate about creating an amazing  retail experience to those who come to our Green Spaces Marketplace.

Network, collaborate, and grow

Join a community where sustainability and culture meet technology and business to shape one of the most diverse and dynamic urban hubs in the country. We want to be a part of your story!
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