7 Zero Waste Swaps for a More Sustainable Kitchen

7 Simple Zero Waste Swaps for a More Sustainable Kitchen

Looking to make your kitchen more sustainable? Green Spaces has you covered. Check out these small things you can do to create a more eco-friendly home!

Thrift anything new you need for the kitchen like silverware, kitchen gadgets, and storage containers.

It’s easy to want to buy everything brand new and online (we get it, convenience is king!). If you’re serious about living a more sustainable life, it’s important to consider the energy required to make new products and ship them to your door. As a general rule of the sustainable thumb, reuse what you have, thrift what you don’t have, and purchase something new as a last resort. This is the best way to divert items from the landfill and reduce your environmental impact.

Use a french press for coffee

If you’re a coffee junkie (guilty!) the best thing you can do is purchase a reusable french press. It doesn’t require energy to brew your coffee and you avoid filters. Side note: many filters are bleached to make them white. You can avoid chemicals and waste by switching to a french press or at the very least swapping out your filters for unbleached, biodegradable ones.

More of a pour over type (you fancy, huh?). Then grab a reusable filter for your Chemix.

When your plastic scrubbies are ready to be thrown out, replace them with compostable options

Once that plastic scrub brush you’ve been using in your home is ready to be replaced, snag a dish brush with a replaceable head. After the lifecycle of the replaceable head, you can add the untreated brush head to the compost bin and snag a new head to put on the handle.

Note, these are best added to industrial compost as they will take quite some time to break down in your backyard compost bin.

Ditch the aluminum foil

When you’re hopping into the zero waste lifestyle it’s important to start replacing any one-time use materials with something that can be washed and reused. Once you’ve finished up your last roll of aluminum foil, look for a silicone baking mat to replace both aluminum foil and parchment paper when you’re baking cookies and veggies.

Wrap Your Leftovers with Beeswax Paper

Plastic wrap is unnecessary, and if we’re being honest it doesn’t even do that great of a job keeping food fresh. This amazing, biodegradable alternative is made from beeswax and is perfect for wrapping your cheese, fruit, veggies, covering bowls, and packing up snacks.

Opt for loose leaf tea instead of bagged tea

Most tea drinkers consume the kind the comes in a small box with each tea bag individually wrapped in paper. It might not seem like much, but these tea bags can add up (plus, some of them are made with microplastics and you don’t want to be drinking those). Snag yourself a metal steeping infuser or reusable tea bags to help limit your waste. Plus, these require you purchase tea in bulk. We like to get ours from Teakoe and Mountain Rose Herbs

Ditch the paper towels

Paper towels are unnecessary if you have easy access to a washing machine. You can use old t-shirts and rags for cleaning and reusable napkins with your meals!

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