How To Go Zero Waste At Home; The Bathroom

How To Go Zero Waste at Home; The Bathroom

Our waste habits within the bathroom are not necessarily the parts of environmentalism that we prefer to talk about. In fact, we probably try our hardest not to think about them either. However, just as we need to be conscious of our waste in the kitchen and at work, we need to pay attention to our waste in the secret palace as well- it may even make you a bit more proud to use the loo.

Here at Green Spaces, we’ve managed to keep the office bathrooms as zero waste as possible. However, the home bathroom provides a slightly different type of waste that goes further than compostable toilet paper and paper towels. Here are some simple tips from us to you on maintaining a zero waste lifestyle in your home “office.”

DIY is your BFF. Lotion, deodorant, face masques, bubble bath. These are products that are likely found somewhere in your bathroom. These are also the products that create an abundance of waste over the years and clutter up your cabinets to an embarrassing extent. However, each of these bathroom essentials can be made, by you, right in the comfort of your home. And because you put the work in to make it, you likely won’t toss it until it’s been used to the last drop. Hello waste free living! Follow this link to my favorite spot for DIY bathroom product recipes.

The one in, one out rule. There was a time when my mirror cabinet was filled top to tail with hundreds of products; from hair and body, to beauty and anti-aging. An unusual amount of the products were expired, or close to, yet filled at least a third of the way and remained in my cabinet unused while I continued to purchase more each time I went to my choice of convenience store. I realize I am not alone, and peeking in friends mirror cabinets has shown me that this is a very common trend. In reading one of my favorite zero waste blogs, I discovered the “one-in-one-out” rule of thumb. This means exactly what it sounds like; using products until the last drop before buying anything new to replace it. This sound wildly obvious. But it isn’t used widely enough. Not convinced? Do some snooping of your own friend’s cabinets and I guarantee, you’ll be amazed at the amount of waste that can pile up behind those mirrors. Use every part of the buffalo when it comes to those bathroom products and let the anti-cluttering and waste free lifestyle begin!

Go Electric in flossing. Bet you never considered how wasteful flossing is! Floss is a plastic. That plastic is covered with a chemical called PFC. PFC’s have been connected various health issues including thyroid issues, dementia, cancer, fertility issues, and many more. That PFC covered floss ends up in your bloodstream (ah, the struggles of flossing) and then, you guessed it, the trash. Not-so-zero waste. Waterpiking, or as I like to call it, electric flossing, is the perfect alternative to flossing while keeping your teeth clean and your gums in tact. Though it may be a larger investment than, say, a regular roll of floss, the health benefits and zero waste efforts more than outweigh the financial negatives. Plus, it’s hard to put a price tag on saving world.

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