Yoga; If you Haven't Started Already, Here's Why you Should

With sustainability on the mind, it’s no surprise that we at Green Spaces have endless positive things to say about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. From what we consume, to how we spend what we consume, we believe our bodies are our temples and we must treat them in a way that leads to a long, sustainable life.

We believe one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body and mind is; practice yoga! And in researching, it’s hard to find evidence that goes against this belief. Yoga is equally rooted in physical and mental sustainability making it the perfect recipe for an optimal, healthy life.

Reduces stress. Our generation is a fast-paced, never-resting, barely-have-time-to-eat, hard-working massacre that has normalized the notion that stress is “just part of the job.” However, stress is one of the leading contributors to long-term physical and mental health issues and takes up the major percentage of our doctor visits. While taking medication may throw a band-aid on the stress wound, it won’t solve the problem right from the source. This is where yoga comes in. Yoga, like stress, connects the mind to the body. Using breath and meditation in correspondence with movement, yoga is a natural way to reduce the body’s stress responses. In turn, this reduces the heart rate, blood pressure, and quickness of breath. Do these symptoms sound familiar during your regular day? Time to hit the mat!

Inflammation Relief. As I mentioned above, we have stress responses, or the brain’s way of physically manifesting our reactions within stressful situations. One of these responses is inflammation. When we feel high levels of stress, our bodies become inflamed. This is typically caused by pushing our bodies and minds to go-go-go, well surpassing boundaries and capabilities. This inflammation is what makes regular tasks feel taxing, our joints sore, and our bodies lethargic. Because yoga naturally reduces the body’s stress response, this inflammation is reduced as well. So before running to an expensive specialized doctor to get a diagnosis, perhaps try some yoga first!

Reduces anxiety and depression. Stress left untreated often leads to severe cases of anxiety and depression. Typically, we choose the easy routes out of these feared mental states through distraction. Whether its alcohol consumption, burying ourselves in work, or simply denying that we aren’t feeling 100%. However, these are short-term solutions that may actually lead to harmful long-term consequences. According to US News, studies have shown that certain yoga poses and breathing exercises can increase the GABA neurotransmitter within the brain. The GABA blocks impulses between nerve cells and the brain, making it a key component within the reduction of depression. With an increase in the GABA comes an increase in our spirits and pushes us closer to becoming sustainable healthy people in all circles of life.

Yoga is not just a fad, but a practice that encourages valuing life in the most sustainable ways possible. And with so many different types of practices, it provides an opportunity for everyone and anyone to choose which type is best for them. Come see for yourself here at Green Spaces, where we provide multiple discounted yoga events throughout the year as well as a weekly Monday evening post-work flow!