Three Ways Entrepreneurs can Reduce Stress Right Now

You have a lot riding on your shoulders as an entrepreneur (ahem, the success of your business). Stress is inevitable while you’re working on strategically growing an empire, but left unchecked, stress has the potential to impair your health. At Green Spaces, we recommend implementing small changes to help reduce your risk of stress related health issues like heart disease, autoimmune issues, sleep disorders, etc.

Here are four steps you can take to begin reducing your stress and create a better work environment today.

Surround yourself with plants

Anyone who has taken time to go camping, skiing, hiking, or spent a day lounging in the park can agree that it helps relieve stress. The Japanese developed a concept called Forest Bathing, which consists of immersing yourself in nature to improve mental and physical health. This 2009 study shows that forest bathing has the ability to reduce cortisol, blood pressure, and shift people into a relaxed state.

In our busy world, it’s not always possible to take a midday nature break to help relieve stress, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have access to some of the benefits of forest bathing in your office. Interacting with indoor plants may help relieve stress, too. We recommend adding as many house plants as possible to your work space to help boost your mood.

Keep your furry friends around

Animals are great companions but did you know they can also help relieve stress by lowering blood pressure and cortisol and reducing depression and anxiety? Not to mention they’re adorable.

The connection between animal interaction and stress management is becoming increasingly popular. Denver International Airport started a pet therapy program to help surprise, delight, and comfort stressed travelers. Meanwhile, offices all over the country are popping up as dog friendly to keep employees happier and more productive. If you’ve been looking for a sign to get an office dog, this is it!

Do some desk yoga

Yoga and other mind-body practices, like meditation, help train your body to better cope with stress. One study found that depression, anxiety and stress decreased significantly in women  after 12 sessions of regular Hatha yoga practice.

You can’t always take a midday break for yoga (though, we’d argue that’s when you need it the most!), but you can implement some mindful movement into your work day.  Check out this youtube video for inspiration on how to do that.

Join a Coworking Space

Did you know isolation can have a negative impact on your health? Coworking spaces are a wonderful opportunity to build community while working on your own endeavors. Here in Denver, Green Spaces sees community as one of our amenities because we organize fun events like run club and monthly happy hours.

Green Spaces also has a mountain location for those of you wanting to up your forest bathing game between emails, and we fill our space with plants in case you aren’t able to get out into nature. All of our members have access to free weekly yoga, $1/minute massages, and our space is dog-friendly. It’s the ultimate stress management work environment!