Sustainable Office Designs for Maximum Productivity

We already know that maintaining good mental and physical health improves work productivity to significant degrees. However, sitting at work in a stuffy office five days a week while staring at a computer for eight hours likely does nothing to improve said health and therefore, nothing to improve productivity. 

It’s easy to overlook how office design can be crucial for a sustainable work life. However, a  workspace that is well designed for the specifics of the company can significantly improve the well being as well as the general health of the employee, ultimately making them more sustainably productive and engaged. 

Interior layout; Gone are the days of cubicles and overpopulated broom closet “offices.” Today, collaboration is key and the office layout should reflect this. According to The World Green Building Council, having a dedicated area for privacy, collaboration, as well as break time has been proven to significantly improve the wellbeing of employees. Being sedentary in nature, offices too often encourage the behaviors that lead to an abundance of creative inhibition, boredom, and mundanity within the office. However, by increasing space and designating areas for social time and collaboration, we lift the enclosing pressures of the office environment and allow for more room in promoting creative flow. 

Lighting; For the same reasons we turn to natural light within our homes should we be including it in our offices. Exposure to natural lighting can decrease depression and stress levels and improve the amount one sleeps per night. According to a Northwestern University study, the body’s natural circadian rhythms are significantly affected by outside environmental factors, i.e. natural sunlight. In other words, when our bodies are largely exposed to sunlight during the day, it naturally responds to its absence, creating better sleep patterns and overall well being. 

Greenery; Walking into a room filled with flowers and greenery makes all the difference when it comes to comfort. It can be the perfect way to transform a house into a home and an office into a productive workspace. As humans, we have an innate desire to be connected to nature. Yet, most of the classic offices that come to mind are typically stripped of any naturality whatsoever. The buzzing of computers, air conditioning, and coffee machines is a constant subconscious reminder that we are not in nature. Our biology rejects this. However, by introducing plants into the workspace, we can actually reverse this response. And if that isn’t enough, the aesthetic appeal doesn’t hurt for selling business either. 

Here at GreenSpaces, we work tirelessly to produce the perfect coworking space for your business. It doesn’t take long to notice the over-saturation of natural light, comfortable work spaces, and of course, the GREEN. Since most of us are already spending too many hours in the office, we ensure to make it a space that fosters creativity and collaboration all to better your business and quality of life.