The Key To Being More Productive At Work And Present In Life

Sustainability is a common word in today’s generation and can be viewed differently by different people. To us at Green Spaces, sustainability means living a complete life that allows for consistent growth over the long term.

What does it mean to live a sustainable life? In order to take a sustainable approach to all areas of life, we have to be mindful of how we are treating our bodies and brain. Here are a few questions that we think are important to ask ourselves on the path to sustainability. 

  • Am I making time for things I passionately enjoy doing?

    • Consistent 12 hr days, 60-80 hour weeks, no vacation. These are all things of the past. The baby boomers seemed to thrive on this mindset. If you weren’t putting in the time, you wouldn’t reap the rewards. Not only is this unattractive when thinking about your career, it’s actually unhealthy. We believe that people are much more productive during the workday when they don’t run themselves into the ground with work. In order to do this, try giving yourself ample time away from the office for recreational activities. For me, outdoor activity is crucial to my overall well being. Whether it’s snowboarding in the winter, fly fishing in the spring, mountain biking in the summer, or archery hunting in the fall; this is my way of disconnecting from “the grind.” I fully believe that giving myself time away from work makes me a better entrepreneur and allows me to be more productive when I’m at work. What do you enjoy doing? Try shutting the laptop at 5pm sharp tonight and treating yourself to something you enjoy this evening. I’ll bet that you show up more excited to work tomorrow. Check out some of our articles in the Life/Work Balance section to learn more about how disconnecting from work actually makes you more productive.

  • Am I feeding my body and brain optimal fuel and am I staying regularly active? 

    • It’s no surprise that in most everything, output has a direct correlation with input. Some of the best athletes in the world hire full time nutritionists simply because their performance is reliant upon how well their muscles are able to hold up in strenuous situations. As an entrepreneur, one of your greatest assets is your brain. Just like an athlete needs to fuel their muscles, an entrepreneur must fuel their brain. If you’re feeding yourself consistently with fast food, drinking alcohol every night, and not making time to exercise, how do you think your brain is going to perform? We’ve put together some articles on how to properly fuel your brain with nutritious food as well as some of our favorite exercise routines in our Health/Wellness section. 

  • How am I respecting the environment around me? 

    • It seems to be the cultural norm when you’re starting a business in today’s generation to “go green,” but what does that actually mean? In our coworking space we’ve decided to take an educational approach to sustainable “green” practices in hopes that it does more than just teach people how to recycle in the workplace. We realize that it can sometimes be intimidating seeing a recycle bin for people who haven’t been properly educated on the subject. Our goal is to make it easy for people to learn these practices. Check out our Environmental Responsibility section of the blog to learn helpful tips on how to be more respectful of the environment you live in.  

Sustainability is becoming a popular term among millenials and our goal is to educate people on what it actually means. What does sustainability mean to you? Our hope is that you can start defining this term for yourself by diving into some of the content on this blog.