Outside Events Request Form

Thank you for your interest in Green Spaces for your event. We are currently only allowing our members to host events and are very limited in our ability to host outside events. We will make an exception for certain outside events that are unique and provide a benefit to our member community.

If you feel your event fits within the mission and ideals of Green Spaces please complete the form below.  

We review outside events requests with our team on Wednesdays. We will get back to you after we have reviewed your request.

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Desired Date of Event
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Desired Time of Event
We limit outside events to 3 hours.
Provide us with an idea of the type of event, schedule, who you are targeting, and any special information
We have two different prices for events
Will you be serving alcohol at your event? *
We focus on hosting events that have an impact on the local community, entrepreneurs, or have an environmental impact.