Event Request Form



We ask this to allow our team the time to prepare and plan for all member events.

Green Spaces reviews requests for events and ensures the events being held at the space are a benefit to the members and the local community.

Once we receive the Events Request Form, we will review the event, calendar, and reach out to you if we have questions. 

Please complete the form below to host an event at Green Spaces.

Please ensure you read and understand the policies at the bottom.

All events have a 40-person capacity. 

If you have questions or concerns please let Jennie, Melissa, or Megan know. 

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Ideal Event Date *
Ideal Event Date
We will check our calendar for availablility and work with you if the desired date is taken
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Start Time
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End Time
Provide us with a 2-3 sentence description of the event. This will be used on the website's event page.
We have a capacity for 100 people. We will charge a cleaning fee for large events (50+ guests).
Liability *
By checking the box below, you accept liability for all damages to the space, including theft.
Cleaning *
By checking the box below, you accept the following. It is the responsibility of the group hosting the event to clean up the space (following the Event Closing checklist) at the conclusion of the event. If the space is not cleaned and orderly the following day a cleaning fee will be assessed ($250). If your event has more than 50 guests, there will be an automatic $250 cleaning charge.
Food and Catering *
By checking the box below, you accept the following. We do not allow plastic water bottles in the space. Please notify Green Spaces Team before bringing in food that requires refrigeration (to allow us to clear out fridge space). We have community glasses, wine glasses, coffee mugs, and plates in the kitchen. Please note that there may not be enough for the event. If you must bring disposable products, please source the materials smart and try to purchase compostable materials when possible.
Promotion and Marketing - Part 1 *
By checking the box below, you accept the following. It is the responsibility of the group hosting the event to generate interest and awareness. The Green Spaces Team agrees to post the event on greenspaces.com/events. Green Spaces may include the event in the newsletter as appropriate for the week of the event.
Promotion and Marketing - Part 2 *
If you would like additional promotional help, Green Spaces can provide assistance for a flat $75 fee. This can include select social media announcements on Green Space accounts, one flyer featured in a prominent location within Green Spaces, and a feature in the Green Spaces Newsletter the week of the event.