Jennie Nevin founded Green Spaces™ -- the nation's first green coworking space -- in Brooklyn, NY, in 2008. Jennie was inspired to create Green Spaces after she left a career at Merrill Lynch and often dropped in to coffee shops to work.

Jennie dreamed of a place for people to share work space and make valuable connections to help make the daunting task of launching a business much easier. A passionate environmentalist, Jennie envisioned a community of other like-minded entrepreneurs who wanted to make the world a better place. Word quickly spread and so Jennie found a nearly empty warehouse in Brooklyn and helped fill the place up.

In 2009, Green Spaces launched in Denver and Manhattan. The Manhattan location is now the Impact Hub New York. Stop by and visit if you are ever in Soho. The Denver Green Spaces has now doubled in size and boasts more than 200 members who make up our incredibly talented membership!

Come experience our amazing community yourself. We offer open houses so you can try us out for free one day each month, plus free day passes.

Get to know our members below.  

Our Community


Founder - JENNIE NEVIN guides the vision and strategy of Green Spaces for our community.  She is currently working on building Denver into a flagship model with the team so we can grow the concept to new places.  Prior to Green Spaces, she worked at Merrill Lynch as a Senior Investment Specialist in NYC after receiving her MBA at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota and previously taken Masters courses at Harvard University in Environmental Studies.  

Operations - WARD VERCOUTEREN began working with Green Spaces during the expansion in 2014 when he moved to the US to join Jennie from Europe.  They worked together to more than double the space and the community.  He has created the online databases for Green Spaces and now manages all the systems online from France. 

Director - JESSICA GEORGE Moving to Colorado in 2007 from San Francisco, Jessica slowly began a switch from her 10-year career as a Technical Writer to more meaningful employment. Since deciding to make the change, she has worked in sales, development, and director roles for a plethora of local nonprofit and social impact companies, such as Grant Family Farms, The Local Food Shift, Veterans to Farmers, Waste Farmers, and Open Media Foundation. Jessica has served as Communication Co-Chair on the Denver Sustainable Food Policy Council, founding Board Member of Revision, and Board Member of the Denver Voice. 

Jessica currently spends her free time as Board Chair of Sprout City Farms, mentoring through CYAR, hiking, enjoying the arts, and spending time with her family and friends. 

Green Spaces is hiring!  To learn more about the opportunity, please click here.

Partnership Team - Our partnership team specializes in different industries and does an amazing job in their field for Green Spaces! 

Accounting Garver Accounting Solutions

Banking Vectra Bank

Design & Branding Collectively Creative

Legal OGC Services LLC

SEO & Paid Search Davies Media Design

Technology Verso Networks

Ambassadors - Ambassadors are part of our work trade program and assist with the space in exchange for membership.  We currently have a waitlist for the program and there are five spots available total.  If interested, please email