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Coconut Cloud Coffee Creamer Tasting

The 2 crazy coconut ladies are launching a new product, Coconut Cloud, and we want you to try it! Coconut Cloud is 100% dairy free coconut milk creamer that you can use in your coffee, tea, cocoa, and so much more. You can take Coconut Cloud with you anywhere (travel, office) because it doesn't require refrigeration. What's better than being a naturally non-dairy and plant-based creamer? How about soy free, gluten free, non-GMO, and low glycemic. . .we've got them all covered! This is truly one of the best, clean, products you will ever add to your morning beverage.

You may have already seen our free sample bags around the GreenSpaces coffee stations for you to try, but if you need another little nudge, we will be mixing up fresh samples for you to taste. We will be set up in the front lounge area of GreenSpaces on Wednesday morning, so stop on by and try it for yourself.