Sustainable Coworking in Denver's RiNo Arts District

Looking to finally start the new business you've been dreaming about? Want to work remotely but need to get out of the house? Looking for a better working environment for your employees? No matter what your needs are, Green Spaces is a great space for growing your business while connecting with other members with socially and environmentally conscious values. 

Green Spaces is located in one of the most popular districts, the Denver RiNo Arts District, in the most popular city in the country. Plus, our facility utilizes solar power, recycling and composting, and hosts green-themed events to promote a more sustainable business model and lifestyle. We're more than just a shared office space, we're a coworking space!

[Green Spaces] groups Together Environmentally Driven Small Businesses - Green Startups That Could Drive Job Creation In America.
— BBC World News