The Evolution of the Workplace

As the world transitions from mandatory office attendance and adapts to the flexibility of working wherever you desire, the modern workspace introduces co-working spaces.

Lenzi Hudson
Posted on
October 17, 2022
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Co-Working Spaces Take Over

As the world transitions from mandatory office attendance and adapts to the flexibility of working wherever you desire, the modern workspace introduces co-working spaces.

Why Are Co-Working Spaces In Demand?

The pandemic inevitably affected the workplace resulting in co-working spaces becoming more prevalent. This workspace arrangement creates a work-life balance for those who are bored from working at home and crave a change of scenery.

The community you'll join is like no other. A co-working space magazine, known as Deskmag held a survey questioning the reasons behind deciding to join a co-working space. The results confirmed that, "people choose a co-working space based on it having an enjoyable atmosphere, to interact with others, and to build a sense of community around themselves.".

In addition to being part of an amazing community, you have the opportunity to organically build a strong network. Co-working spaces are in essence endless networking opportunities.

As the world continues to evolve, co-working spaces will continue to rise in the office space playing field. Business owners are recognizing the “work culture” shift and are pivoting from signing long term leases. Co-working spaces offer flexibility and can cater to the vast majority despite your income level. Whether you're in the process of launching your business or you're a veteran in your field, you have accessibility to a space to build.

What Resources Do Co-Working Spaces Offer?

Co-working spaces provide office amenities including high speed internet, printers/copiers, conference rooms, and complimentary coffee and tea. Resources will vary at every co-working spot but unlike traditional offices, co-working spaces favor flexibility by granting 24/7 building accessibility. Co-working spaces give you the convenience to access all of their available locations; which is a win for any traveling professional.

There are various options when it comes to choosing where you'd prefer to work such as lounge space, pod & dedicated desks, as well as private offices. Members can also reserve conference rooms to conduct in-person meetings; for Zoom calls you can utilize the private phone booths.

What Is A Co-Working Space?

“Not only helps you find new business opportunities, but it also helps you seek out new perspectives, share knowledge with like-minded people and practice competitive learning.”

— WRAL TechWire

“Your network is your net worth” Building your sphere of influence, Outside of your office, name a better place to build a network of business professionals, I'll wait. An environment that motivates connection building will naturally breed collaboration opportunities which benefits everyone involved.

A co-working space offers office space and resources for all company types, entrepreneurs, freelancers and organizations to work independently or collaboratively all under one roof. There are many benefits of joining a co-working space; community ranks at the top of the list. Surrounding yourself with professionals from different industries creates a well-rounded environment that traditional offices can't compete with. This hybrid workspace is beneficial whether you're searching for a place to work for a day or are interested in committing to a dedicated space long-term.

Co-working spaces are transforming the way people work worldwide. The U.S has the largest co-working presence in the world just short of 20%. India comes in second, at 10%. According to Zippia, "there were only 14 co-working spaces in the U.S. in 2007, and in 2017, there were over 4,000. It's predicted that there will be over 6,200 co-working spaces in the U.S. by 2022. In 2015, there were about 331,000 people using coworking spaces in the U.S. This number grew to approximately 993,000 in 2021." The number of people utilizing co-working spaces in the U.S in 2022 will surely exceed 1 million people.

Co-working offices are the future of the workplace. The demand for co-working spaces will continue to skyrocket. This is a beneficial alternative to the traditional office if you're searching for flexibility without losing access to amenities and community.

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