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Member Spotlight: Denver Food Rescue

Meet Amy Moore-Shipley, Development and Marketing Coordinator for Denver Food Rescue, where she handles all the events, communications and financial donor management. 

Denver Food Rescue is one of the amazing non-profits we sponsor in our “Green Spaces Gives Back” program by providing reduced membership rates and other opportunities. We also sponsor one of their food delivery bikes.

What is Denver Food Rescue? 
Denver Food Rescue’s mission is to increase health equity outcomes in Denver neighborhoods by improving access to healthy whole fresh fruits and vegetables. 

We utilize edible produce that would otherwise be thrown away from grocery stores and take it directly to our 13 No Cost Grocery Programs (sometimes on bicycles with bicycle trailers, one of which Green Spaces sponsors). 

All of our programs are co-created with existing organizations. Residents of the neighborhoods lead the food distribution that decreases stigma of traditional pantries and increases participation -- some have cooking and nutrition programs as well! 

Why did you want to be a Green Spaces member? 
The community!
How long have you been at Green Spaces?
Since 2013.
Why is being a green business important to you? 
At this rate, any other kind is perpetuating the degradation of our earth and resources. 

What are some of the things you do to be green? 
Eat vegan. 
What’s your favorite 90s jam? 
PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me. 
When you’re not working what are you doing? 
Music! Playing or going to a show.
What’s the last joke you recall? 
What’s a pile of kittens called? A mew-tain. (Or a purr-amid!)