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Member Spotlight: Denver Food Rescue

Meet Amy Moore-Shipley, Development and Marketing Coordinator for Denver Food Rescue, where she handles all the events, communications and financial donor management. 

Denver Food Rescue is one of the amazing non-profits we sponsor in our “Green Spaces Gives Back” program by providing reduced membership rates and other opportunities. We also sponsor one of their food delivery bikes.

What is Denver Food Rescue? 
Denver Food Rescue’s mission is to increase health equity outcomes in Denver neighborhoods by improving access to healthy whole fresh fruits and vegetables. 

We utilize edible produce that would otherwise be thrown away from grocery stores and take it directly to our 13 No Cost Grocery Programs (sometimes on bicycles with bicycle trailers, one of which Green Spaces sponsors). 

All of our programs are co-created with existing organizations. Residents of the neighborhoods lead the food distribution that decreases stigma of traditional pantries and increases participation -- some have cooking and nutrition programs as well! 

Why did you want to be a Green Spaces member? 
The community!
How long have you been at Green Spaces?
Since 2013.
Why is being a green business important to you? 
At this rate, any other kind is perpetuating the degradation of our earth and resources. 

What are some of the things you do to be green? 
Eat vegan. 
What’s your favorite 90s jam? 
PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me. 
When you’re not working what are you doing? 
Music! Playing or going to a show.
What’s the last joke you recall? 
What’s a pile of kittens called? A mew-tain. (Or a purr-amid!)


Member Spotlight: Apollo Energy

Apollo Energy.jpg

Meet John Striebel, CEO of Apollo Energy. John is one of our awesome members whose business is all about harnessing the power of the sun and helping people own their own electricity.

What is Apollo Energy?

We utilize cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art technology to customize solar electric systems that save people money. We empower Colorado homeowners to save money and to harness the power of the sun. If you can afford your current electric bill, you can afford to switch to solar. 

Why did you want to be a Green Spaces member? 

The office size and culture fits our company. We work odd hours and the access for my team is helpful. Added perks, like the location, help us appeal to potential employees and customers.

How long have you been at Green Spaces? 

Since January 2016

Why is being a green business important to you? 

We are a solar electric company. Green is what we do. Solar energy directly reduces carbon emissions and it increases energy independence.  

What are some of the things you do to be green? 

We help homeowners switch their primary electricity consumption from coal to renewable energy, and to own their own renewable energy power plant. Our environmental offset is measurable and important. Electricity is a controlled monopoly and we help to create consumer choice and empower homeowners to own their own electricity.  

When you’re not working what are you doing? 

My wife runs a nonprofit that resettles refugees. When I am not working I am advocating. I advocate for the environment. I advocate for opportunities. I advocate for equality.  

People would be surprised if they knew…

My main area of expertise is actually social business development. I run an international NGO (a nonprofit organization that is independent from states and international governmental organizations) and have lived extensively overseas.  


Member Events in the New Year

We are pleased to be hosting some amazing events in 2016.  As a space for our members, our events are now only brought to you by Green Spaces Members.  Many of our events are also member only to strengthen our community and our knowledge within our community.  Events are now planned a quarter in advance.  Please check out our events calendar to learn more.  If you are interested in joining our community of socially conscious, green and entrepreneurial individuals, you are welcome to join as a clubhouse member.  

Hope to see you this winter!  You are always welcome to come by for a open house and complimentary day to learn more about our community and experience a day at Green Spaces. 

Warm regards and happy new year!

Jennie Nevin

Founder of Green Spaces

Denver’s Green Spaces Fuels Movement for Collaborative Green Business Hub

Nation’s First Green Coworking Space Signs Partnerships with Leading Sustainability Organizations and Will Double Available Office Space  Denver, Colorado – (August 6, 2014) – Green Spaces, the nation’s first green coworking space, today announced plans for a 7,000 square foot expansion of its current location in Denver’s RiNo Arts District.  The socially conscious coworking community, focused on providing a collaborative culture for environmentally friendly businesses, is developing partnerships and doubling its available office space to meet the growing demands of Denver’s green movement.

“Green Spaces is an innovative blend of Denver’s work to protect our resources for the future and support entrepreneurialism,” said Denver’s Mayor Michael B. Hancock. “Every decision we make impacts the quality of life for future generations and Green Spaces exemplifies the sustainability efforts that will ensure our city is a better city for generations to come.”

Acting on her vision for collective of green companies in Denver, Green Spaces founder, Jennie Nevin, has developed partnerships with multiple local and national organizations that focus on green practices and ensuring a clean environment for future generations.

  • Certifiably Green Denver is administered by the Department of Environmental Health and provides free, confidential, non-regulatory environmental assistance to Denver’s business community with the opportunity to become a certified green business.
  • The Clean Energy Collective (CEC)develops community-owned renewable energy solutions for electric utilities and their customers, including the country’s first community solar arrays which provide clean, locally produced power without having to install panels on your roof or business.
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency (Region 8) protects human health and the environment in Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming and 27 Tribal Nations.
  • Walk2Connect:transforms walking from a choice to a behavior to a lifestyle.
  • Zipcar, the world’s leading car sharing network, is redefining the way this generation thinks about transportation options and car ownership, and will have two vehicles available for hourly or daily reservation at the Green Spaces location.

Green Spaces was originally founded in 2008 in Brooklyn, NY as a space for green and socially conscious entrepreneurs to connect and thrive. Within a year, the Brooklyn space was full and achieved notable success. Beekeepers joined and kept bees on the rooftop, an urban farm was created, living walls were installed and a commercial kitchen was created in the space. In 2009, Green Spaces opened its doors in Denver meeting similar success and enthusiasm. Nearly 1000 start-ups have called Green Spaces their home.

“Denver was an easy decision for the next Green Spaces location,” said Nevin. “It has a thriving and growing green community, the Mayor and city administration are dedicated to sustainability and smart green decision making and the startup culture is exploding. As an added bonus, I was really eager to live in this incredible city!”

As part of the Green Spaces program, all Green Spaces member organizations are required to be certified through the Certifiably Green Denver program. The 100 percent solar powered Green Spaces expansion is scheduled to be completed and welcoming new members by 2015, and a grand opening holiday party is being planned for Thursday, December 12th.

For more information or to reserve space for your business visit Follow Green Spaces on Twitter and Facebook for ongoing updates.

Partner Support “There are many ways to be green,” said Jeremy Lauffenburger, Sustainability Advisor at Certifiably Green Denver. “The Certifiably Green Denver program provides the groundwork for green business practices, but the big impacts come from regularly pushing new ideas forward.  At Green Spaces, environmental sustainability drives the culture, and they teach me just as much as I teach them.”

“In the sustainability industry, it is hugely beneficial for a variety of organizations to come together and support each other in our efforts to improve the environment and share new ideas,” said Todd Davidson from the Clean Energy Collective. “In the case of CEC, this cooperation exemplifies the community aspect of our ‘community-owned solar’ model.  Working with Green Spaces and joining in the vision of a Denver hub for green collaboration, we increase the awareness and voice of everything we offer - ultimately making a greater impact on the environment. Together, we can make a real difference.” 

"EPA Region 8 is excited that Green Spaces is a new Food Recovery Challenge participant.  By collaborating with organizations such as Green Spaces, the EPA can be more effective in spreading the word about voluntary programs that build stronger, healthier and more sustainable communities,” said Virginia Till, Recycling Specialist, EPA Environmental Stewardship Unit.

“Zipcar is committed to making cities better places to live, but we can’t do this alone,” said Zipcar Denver Market Manager, Kaleb Miller. “We are looking forward to building our relationship with Green Spaces as an official sponsor of the organization and are excited to bring a sustainable, convenient and cost effective transportation option to members in the area.”

"As a growing Colorado based social business, we are beyond grateful for the shared mission and collaboration provided by Green Spaces,” said Jonathon Stalls, Founder of Walk2Connect and Green Spaces member. “These shared settings create a quickly understood 'ethos' that fosters blossoming partnerships and social capital. Our commitment to cultivate "Life at 3MPH" culture through a variety of walking programs is better lifted, recognized, and sustained through places like Green Spaces. It’s a no brainer for us to be here, to collaborate here, and to ultimately thrive here." 

About Green Spaces Green Spaces is a hub for green and socially conscious entrepreneurs. It is a collaborative co-working space where companies can operate and network with other start-ups. Since opening in Manhattan and Denver in 2009, the 100% solar powered and dog friendly spaces have been home to nearly 1000 start-ups.