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The Green Spaces Alliance


The Green Spaces Alliance is the first global network of its kind connecting independently owned and operated green coworking spaces and their communities.  We have the power to positively change the world by accelerating the emerging green economy together.  

Green business is becoming important across all industries.  We are facing global challenges that can be solved by creating new technologies & products, expanding renewable energy, creating a healthy food system and clean water for all of us.  This type of economy will fulfill our needs while regenerating and protecting our planet.  Consumers are seeing this value.  55% of global online consumers across 60 countries say that they are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact according to a Nielson Study released in June 2014.   

Our commitment is to connect and grow each of our unique and cutting edge green coworking spaces and the members of our spaces. Coworking spaces are uniquely positioned to bring together coworkers, businesses, partners and consumers to create socially and environmentally conscious hubs.

Our initial cities will be announced on Earth Day (April 22nd, 2016).

Please email if you are interested in being a part of the alliance as a space, a partner or a resource.  

Meet A Green Spaces Member: Diego Rodriguez, Icon Film and Video

Green Spaces strives to create an open community that encourages members to get to know each other; through this process we have often seen collaboration on work emerge. We need to look no further then GS member Diego Rodriguez, creative director and producer at Icon Film and Video, who has worked with several GS members. Diego was born in Guanajuato, Mexico; at age 20 he packed up his life and moved to Las Angles, CA to pursue an acting career. He later found himself working at a company that managed actors on TV, while this job had its many benefits Diego felt as though he needed something more. Diego then moved to Colorado where he attended CU Denver for two years and another two years at the Colorado Film School. For the last three years Diego has called GS his home and so when we needed new photos for our website Diego was an easy go to. Highlighted in 303 Magazine for being named RAW Artists Denver Filmmaker of the Year in 2012, Diego’s portfolio is comprised of high quality broadcast commercials and videos. Working with a variety of companies such as Corepower, Travel Channel, National Geographic, Diego also does video production for small non-profits working in the past with an organization named Stand for Children.

Diego explains that, “GS was an easy choice for me after I found out just how much I hate working from home. Jennie is very open-minded about working crazy hours; thus has provided a space with 24-7 access and a community for collaboration.” Diego continues that Jennie introduced him to fellow GS member Grant Southwick and together the two have been working on a film called Torn Cloth. Torn Cloth is a documentary of a young group of orphan boys from the poorest regions of Thailand who seek refuge at a camp where they are trained to become professional Muay Thai fighters. Torn Cloth was accepted into the 2014 Starz Denver Film Festival, show times are Saturday, November 9th at 11:45 A.M. and Thursday, November 14th at 4:30 P.M click here for tickets.

You’ll be glad to know that, even though Diego encountered some unexpected hurdles in the beginning of his acting career, he is still pursuing his dreams of acting and his recent work involves two movies due to air on PBS. Diego’s range of work experience is very rare in an industry where specialization is more common, this knowledge base allows for Diego’s work to be truly unique and original.

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Meet a Green Spaces Member: Jonathon Stalls, Walk2Connect

Jonathon Stalls is a native Coloradan, born and raised in Denver. He attended Metropolitan State University of Denver where got an independent degree in design and entrepreneurship. In March of 2010 Jonathon set out on a walk across the United States that started in Lewes, DE and ended in San Francisco, CA. Jonathon teamed up with an organization called Kiva Walk for his journey. Kiva’s main mission is to create a person-to-person micro-leading system that will empower individuals to lend to unique entrepreneurs around the globe. This walk had a significant impact on Jonathon’s life, “Moving 3MPH across the USA ignited a profound trust in the goodness of strangers, the open road and the beautiful unknown.”

After completing his journey across the United States Jonathon turned his focus on creating a social enterprise based in Colorado called Walk2Connect. Walk2Connect’s main mission is to work with individuals and organizations to transform walking from a choice to a behavior to a lifestyle. Walk2Connect takes individuals and groups on a variety of custom built and themed walking trips to improve personal, social, and communal wellness. Walk2Connect also works with residents, community leaders, public officials, and visionaries to support improved walkablitly efforts throughout urban, suburban and rural neighborhoods.

Jonathon has been a Green Spaces member for about a year now, so we asked him what he likes about working at Green Spaces. “The first thing that caught my eye about GS was the reuse of old building space and the use of recycled wood products.” He continued that, “GS is creating strong links between businesses, individuals and the community to be more green”, something that he believes, aligns strongly with Walk2Connect’s mission.

When asked where he would go on an all expense paid vacation Jonathon’s answer was almost immediate, “Two months so I could walk across New Zealand, north to south.”

Check out Jonathon's Ted Talk here!

Meet a Green Spaces Member: Adam Chandler

Adam Chandler

Like most people in 2008 Adam found himself out of work after he had just moved across country from Vermont to Fort Collins, Colorado. In the face of this adversity Adam did the only logical thing he could think of, he became an entrepreneur. It’s been 6 years now since he started his business New World Global Marketing and for the past 9 months he’s had the pleasure of calling Green Spaces his home.

Adam’s business deals with direct response marketing; provides business’s nation wide with instructional material for Internet marketing. Now you may be asking how is direct response marketing a green business? Well all the products Adam sells are digital that means no shipping cost, no paper usage, no fuel costs, and he teaches others around the country how to do the same.

So we asked Adam what he liked so much about Green Spaces? “As a home business owner working exclusively from home can be challenging distracting and unproductive. Green Spaces gives a new environment to work in which helps increase productivity and effectiveness.  Also, Green Spaces provides an amazing opportunity to network and meet other local businesses to form new partnerships with”-Adam Chandler.

In his free time Adam enjoys going to concerts, camping, hiking, and snowboarding. When asked if he like bacon his response was, “doesn’t everybody like bacon?” If you want to learn more about Adams journey from rags to riches (or nicer rags) check out his website