Burn Design Lab

SEATTLE, WA: Burn Design Lab Rethinks Sustainable Cooking and Deforestation

When you think about deforestation, you probably don’t think about cooking. But firewood and charcoal production are currently responsible for 52% of the deforestation in Sub Saharan Africa. The issues go beyond the forest, as well. The traditional three stone stove used for cooking in these communities is a pervasive health and environmental issue facing 2-3 billion people worldwide. It requires intensive use of wood, and releases dangerous and deadly carbon monoxide into the home.

We learned these stats in Seattle, Washington, where we had the opportunity to meet with Paul Means. Paul was one of the first employees and now is Executive Director of Burn Design Lab, a nonprofit that spun off Burn Manufacturing Corp., a for-profit business manufacturing clean cooking stoves for East Africa communities.  Read more here.