Meet a Green Spaces Member: Adam Chandler

Adam Chandler

Like most people in 2008 Adam found himself out of work after he had just moved across country from Vermont to Fort Collins, Colorado. In the face of this adversity Adam did the only logical thing he could think of, he became an entrepreneur. It’s been 6 years now since he started his business New World Global Marketing and for the past 9 months he’s had the pleasure of calling Green Spaces his home.

Adam’s business deals with direct response marketing; provides business’s nation wide with instructional material for Internet marketing. Now you may be asking how is direct response marketing a green business? Well all the products Adam sells are digital that means no shipping cost, no paper usage, no fuel costs, and he teaches others around the country how to do the same.

So we asked Adam what he liked so much about Green Spaces? “As a home business owner working exclusively from home can be challenging distracting and unproductive. Green Spaces gives a new environment to work in which helps increase productivity and effectiveness.  Also, Green Spaces provides an amazing opportunity to network and meet other local businesses to form new partnerships with”-Adam Chandler.

In his free time Adam enjoys going to concerts, camping, hiking, and snowboarding. When asked if he like bacon his response was, “doesn’t everybody like bacon?” If you want to learn more about Adams journey from rags to riches (or nicer rags) check out his website