Zero Waste Campaign

Today kicked off our Zero Waste Campaign and we're so excited for it! We had speakers from Alpine Waste & Recycling and Clear Intentions come out this afternoon to help bring awareness and education on the recycling and composting process. To push the commitment within our space, we have introduced new recycling and composting containers.

Some of the awesome things we have learned about Alpine Waste and Clear Intentions are:

  • You don't need to completely clean out your recyclables before tossing
    • Just be sure to clear out what you can
  • It is better to try to recycle something than not if you are unsure
  • Plastic bags are not recyclable at all because they get caught in the sorting system
    • But you can take them to select grocery stores to recycle!
      • Like Target!
  • To go coffee cups that hold hot liquids (like from Starbucks) are not recyclable at all
    • They are coated with a plastic that contaminates the material
  • Alpine Waste is looking to introduce styrofoam recycling within the next year!
    • There are only about three companies that can recycle styrofoam, nationwide!

Our new mantra is: When in doubt, Recycle!