Kindness Bus Comes to Green Spaces!

Yo Denver friends, so as most of you know I've been touring around the country with some sweet young dudes doing random acts of kindness in an RV and now they are coming to Denver for a few days finishing up their 10 week tour.

They are also making a documentary about what kindness is to people. ARK stands for Acts of Random Kindness and they've been doing these summer trips for 3 years now 

These guys have truly been all over this country spending their summer helping and loving people like crazy and still haven't had a party throw for their amazing work of love!  Party details here:

Also #24 on their list is free homeless haircuts and I think we can pull this one off in Denver!
#12 Buy everyone in a coffee shop coffee.
#30 Put pocketing (sneaking money in people pursues)
#27 Paint an inspiring mural 

Pulling into Denver on the 10th leaving the 16th