24/7 Access Instructions for full time members

Unlocking Door

Door Code: Use your personalized code
Alarm Code: 2526

  • Lights. Turn on the lights next to the kitchen (on the back of the wooden beam that is the left hand side of kitchen entrance. 
  • If interested in coffee:  please fill the coffee maker up to 30 cups with water and put in 12 - 14 scoops of coffee. If the canister of coffee is empty, there is more coffee in the freezer. In the afternoon, please make coffee in the french press. 

Closing Procedures (Last to leave): 

  • Please leave space tidy.
  • Turn off all lights. Main light switch is next to the microwave in the kitchen and lights for Walnut Street are behind kitchen wall. 
  • Unplug the coffee maker. 
  • Close garage door and lock it if it is open. 

Locking Door:  Set the alarm by pressing Away (make sure door is shut). The door will lock behind you.  Please walk through to check and see if anyone is in the space before setting the alarm.  If someone is here and it is after business hours, please just lock the door so only members have access at this time to keep the space secure after hours.  


SECURITY:  Security is provided by Meshcasting including cameras throughout the interior and exterior of the space, motion detectors and glass breaking alarms.  Please make sure to set the alarm when you leave.