Here at Green Spaces we take great pride in building a team of like-minded individuals who strive to better our environment. Our Hosts are here to help our members feel comfortable, welcomed, and aid with any questions that may come up. These are the individuals who are always more than willing to give anyone a walk around the space and translate the energy that Green Spaces has worked so hard to achieve. They can be usually be found throughout the space engaging in their own interests and creating a presence for themselves throughout the community. 

Jennie Nevin
Owner |

Jennie is the Founder of Green Spaces which she started in NYC as the nation's first green coworking space in 2008. She started Green Spaces in Colorado in 2009. Since inception, Green Spaces has had over 1000 members call Green Spaces home and has been featured in publications such as Inc. Magazine, BBC World News, NY Times and more. 

Jennie started her career in NYC in Private Banking at Merrill Lynch after receiving her MBA at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. She has been passionate about sustainability issues since graduating college and believes that a new economy is emerging that is regenerative and sustainable and hopes to help accelerate that movement.

Ward Vercouteren
Finance |

Ward handles the finances for Green Spaces. Prior to working at Green Spaces, Ward grew up in Belgium and studied in Paris. He has been passionate about environmental issues and the impact humans can choose to have. He worked in Shanghai and Denver, where he married Jennie. Ward helped with the expansion and is now a proud member of the team.

Gilbert Hernandez
Office Manager |

Gilbert is taking all the adventure that comes his way. Working alongside his partner for their own design, branding, and creative direction company, Made Wild, starting a new printing design company that specializes in cards and buttons, Somber Squid, and helping grow Green Spaces are his main focuses right now. You'll generally find him at his desk area pretending to work, trying to wrestle his puppy, Hylia, or binge watching Netflix because some days you just need a lazy day. 

Dena Zimmerman

Dena is so excited to join the Green Spaces community! With a passion for food and travel, Dena is working to create a more sustainable hospitality industry, and hopes to someday be a Sustainability consultant for hotels and restaurants. She dedicates a great deal of time to what she enjoys, in fact, she once practiced guitar every day for 1,130 days. If you are ever in need of a dancing or hiking partner, she is more than willing to step in!

Melissa Walford

Melissa Walford is working to make her mark within the water conservation and education arena. She is a native Floridian but moved away, to Indiana then Alabama then Colorado, to find relief from the heat and humidity as quickly as possible. In her spare time she enjoys Olympic Weightlifting and baking/cooking; a wonderful combination. 

Ricki Friedman

A Detroit girl at heart, Ricki recently made her way out to Colorado and now her heart might be starting to make a switch. Ricki founded a company called, Break the Weight which is a motivational life coaching program that supports, motivates and inspires individuals to break what weighs them down - physically, mentally and emotionally. Ricki is often found: Hanging out with her big grumpy nine year old dog, Logan (who she rescued last year), walking aimlessly, or deciding her next adventure.

Sara Johnstone

Sara is the heroine in her own adventure, never one to turn down new travel (her favorite’s: Africa, South America, Europe), or a one-way ticket. She can usually be found digging into her social media work, staying on top of the latest trends, or actively connecting with like-minded people. She hustles on the front lines, on the lookout for the next business opportunity to satisfy her curious intellect for all things startup and hospitality related.

Brittany Cameron
Sales |

Brittany is a goal-driven, detail-oriented gal who holds a Master of Business Administration and is a Certified Meeting Professional. Brittany has built successful programs and conferences that empower professionals to do their job better, as well as helped businesses better reach their customers through social media. Her adventurous spirit has taken her from living abroad in Rome and Sevilla to backpacking across Europe. She is a team player who is usually the cause for uncontrollable laughter due to her signature sarcastic humor.

Christopher Mathews
Design & Branding

Christopher is a freelance brand manager. This often includes design, branding, social media consulting, and so much more. He loves learning new skills and implementing them as soon as he has a grasp. He works in the space under his business, Made Wild. Together with his partner, Gilbert, he created Somber Squid, a site that sells cards, buttons, and soon even more. He is often found in the Made Wild / Green Spaces office with his puppy, Hylia. Come say hi!